Colin Herlihy

NAME: Colin Herlihy

AGE: 30

HOME BREAK: Southside, Indian River Inlet. Delaware

SPONSORS: Hurley, Dizm Eyewear, Channel Islands, Toobs Bodyboards, Chaunceys Surf Shop


FAVORITE SPOT: P-Pass Micronesia

WHAT ARE YU DOING WHEN YOU ARE NOT SRUFING? Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, anything outdoors!

THNGS YOU LIKE: Good food, good music, Traveling, Hurricane swells at home, my garage, friends, family, and my girlfriend Lauren.

SHOUT OUTS: All my buddies from home, Mis amigos in Puerto Rico, friends out west, and all the guys in Hawaii that have showed me the meaning of Aloha! Finally, my family for always supporting my surfing.

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