Harry Sack

AGE: 25

HOME BREAK: Sebastian Inlet

SPONSORS: Lost Clothing, Lost Surfboards, Catalyst Surf Shop, DIZM


FAVORITE SPOT: Puerto Escondido

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN YOU´RE NOT SURFING: Hanging out with friends, Chicks, School,   Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Snowboarding. Anything really just to keep me active

THINGS YOU LIKE: Traveling is a big thing for me, I can’t stay in one place for to long. “Life’s like a book, and if you haven’t traveled you’ve only read one page”. Other than that, anything that brings a challenge is always fun.

SHOUT OUTS: To all my friends back in the 321. Eddie Guilbeau, Blake Jones, Marshall Alberga, Mark Dawson, DJ Wood, Mike Merlino, Derek Jaffe and anyone else who’s ever been there for me. And can’t forget the Family, My dad, mom, grandma, and “grandpa (RIP)” for all the support they’ve given me over the years.

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