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1Costa Del Mar Harpoon 580G Glass Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses Review



Size: Medium.
Designed For: Men and women.
Lens Features: Available with polarized lenses.
Made Out Of: Nylon.
Design Style: Oval shape with a wrap around design.
Face Shape: Looks good on diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round, and square shaped faces.
Perfect For: Boating, fishing, and water sports.


Bridge Width: 18 mm
Temple Length: 130 mm
Lens Height x Width: 37 mm x 62 mm



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Reviewer's Thoughts

I can’t wait to wear my new Costa Del Mar Corbina Sunglasses when I go boating this weekend! They are so comfortable and the clarity is amazing. I can’t believe how much better they are than my old pair of sunglasses. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a great pair of sunglasses for boating.

Lens Quality

I put the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses to the test on a sunny day out on the water. The lenses are top-notch and provide excellent clarity. I could see everything clearly, even in the brightest light. The polarized lenses help reduce glare, and the overall lens quality is fantastic.


I didn’t even realize I was wearing the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses after a while. They are that comfortable. The lenses are the perfect size for my face, and the wrap-around design helps keep them in place. The nose pads and temple tips are made from a soft, comfortable material that doesn’t slip.

Frame Quality

Although the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are made from nylon, they feel sturdy and well-made. The hinges are strong and snap into place. The frames are lightweight but don’t feel flimsy.

Design Style

These Costa Del Mar sunglasses have a classic wrap-around design that looks good on men and women. The lenses are oval-shaped and come in a variety of colors. The frames are available in black or tortoise.


I like that the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses provide full coverage. The lenses are large and wrap around my face. They provide excellent protection from the sun, wind, and rain.


I have to say that the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are very durable. I’ve accidentally dropped them a few times, and they’ve held up well. The lenses are scratch-resistant, and the frames are made from a tough nylon material.


Overall, I think the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are a great value. They are well-made, comfortable, and provide excellent protection from the sun. They are a bit pricey, but I think they are worth the investment.

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses. They are a great choice for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The lenses are top-quality, and the frames are durable and comfortable.

Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses


100% UVA, B, and C Protection

Ultraviolet light, or UV, is a type of light radiation that comes from the sun. It is most commonly known to cause skin cancer. However, it can have a big effect on the eyes. There are three different types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UVC rays are the most dangerous to humans. Luckily, they are almost entirely absorbed by the atmosphere and don’t reach the Earth’s surface.

UVA rays make up about 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. They are shorter than UVB rays but longer than blue light waves. UVA rays can penetrate clouds and glass, so they can reach your skin and eyes even on an overcast day or when you’re indoors.

UVB rays make up about 5% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. They are shorter than UVA rays but longer than blue light waves. UVB rays can’t penetrate glass as easily as UVA rays can, but they can still damage your skin and eyes if you’re not wearing protective clothing or sunglasses.

Not wearing sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection can cause a number of short-term and long-term problems for your eyesight including wrinkles around your eyelids, an eye sunburn called photokeratitis, cataracts (a condition where your lenses become cloudy), macular degeneration (a condition that affects your central vision), and more.

The Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses offer 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC Rays thanks to their polarized lenses

Nonslip Fit with Hydrolite Nose Pads and Temple Tips

A good fit is important for sunglasses because they need to stay in place while you are active. If they are constantly slipping, it can be a nuisance and distracting. Sunglasses that slip are more likely to get lost or fall and break.

Hydrolite nose pads and temple tips help keep the sunglasses in place by providing grip. They are made of a soft, rubbery material that helps to grip the skin without being uncomfortable.

The Harpoon sunglasses have a nonslip fit with hydrolite nose pads and temple tips. They are designed for men and women with a medium to large head size. The lenses are 63mm wide and the frame is 131mm wide. The lenses are 37mm tall and the frame is 20mm tall.

Durable and Flexible Co-Injected Nylon Frames

Co-Injected Nylon is a type of nylon that is made by combining two different types of nylon together. This results in a more durable and flexible frame material.

The benefits of Co-Injected Nylon frames are that they are more durable and flexible than traditional nylon frames. This makes them less likely to break or become damaged.

Clear and Crisp 580G LightWAVE Glass Lenses

Costa Del Mar’s 580G LightWAVE Glass is some of the clearest and most pure glass on the market. This is due to its high index and the fact that it has six layers of protection. The six layers are: 1. The C Wall Molecular Bond 2. Glass Layer 3. Encapsulated Mirror 4. Polarized Film 5. Glass Layer 6. and the C Wall Molecular Bond

There are many benefits to having Costa Del Mar’s 580G LightWAVE Glass lenses in your sunglasses. First, they block out 100% of the harmful HEV Blue Light. The HEV Blue Light is bad because it has been proven to alter circadian rythms, affecting melatonin levels and therefore affecting your sleep. Second, they are polarized and they block 100% of the UV light. This means that you will have better color contrast and that the reds, blues, and greens will be boosted thanks to the yellow light being blocked at 580 nanometers

Protection from Scratch and Damage

When it comes to sunglasses, one of the most important features is protection from scratches and damage. This is because scratched or damaged lenses can cause blurred vision, as well as make your sunglasses look old and worn. In addition, damaged lenses can be more susceptible to breaking. Therefore, it is important to have a pair of sunglasses that will protect your lenses from scratches and damage.

The Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are designed with scratch-resistant and damage-resistant lenses. This means that your lenses will be protected from scratches, as well as any other type of damage. In addition, the Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

Polarized Glasses to Eliminate Glare

Glare is caused by light reflecting off of surfaces such as water, snow, or pavement. This reflection can cause the eyes to squint and can even lead to temporary blindness.

The short-term effects of glare include eyestrain, headaches, and reduced visibility. The long-term effects of glare can include permanent damage to the eyesight.

Wearing polarized sunglasses can help reduce the amount of glare that enters the eyes, which can lead to improved vision and reduced eyestrain. Additionally, polarized sunglasses can help block out harmful UV rays from the sun, which can protect the eyes from damage over time.

The Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are designed with polarized lenses that help reduce glare by blocking out reflected light. Additionally, these sunglasses feature a wrap around design that helps protect your eyes from harmful UV rays coming in from all angles.

Sweat Management for Comfortable Wear

If you are an active person, or if you live in a warm climate, chances are you have experienced the annoyance of sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes. This can not only be uncomfortable, but it can cause your sunglasses to slip down your nose. Sweaty sunglasses are more likely to fog up, which can obstruct your vision.

A good pair of sunglasses should be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, without causing headaches or discomfort. They should stay in place during activities such as running or hiking. The Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are designed with comfort in mind, with a lightweight frame and nose pads that grip without being too tight.

The Costa Del Mar Harpoon sunglasses are designed to fit comfortably on a variety of face shapes. They have a wrap-around design that helps them stay in place, even during activities such as running or hiking. The lenses are large enough to provide good coverage, but not so large that they look bulky on smaller faces.

Harpoon Sunglasses


The frames are made out of a bio-based resin that is biodegradable.
The lenses are available in polarized and non-polarized options.
The sunglasses are 63mm wide, 34mm tall, and have a temple length of 130mm.
These sunglasses are designed to fit people with different face shapes.
These sunglasses are perfect for boating, fishing, and water sports.
The warranty policy for these sunglasses is a lifetime warranty.
These sunglasses are made with high quality materials and have features that are designed for comfort and function.
Owner reviews for these sunglasses are positive and mention the clarity of the lenses, the comfort of the glasses, and the durability of the frame.
The price range for these sunglasses is $80-$243.
These sunglasses can be purchased from Costa Del Mar, ShadesDaddy, and other retailers.


Overall, we think the Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses are a great option for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable pair of sunglasses. They provide full coverage and have a classic wrap-around design. The lenses are available in either polarized or non-polarized options, and the frames come in a variety of colors.

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